fairy – a poem by s.h.

Fairy they called me
brittle and weak
chasing daydreams
awake and asleep.

It’s true in my mind
are dragons above
and roses growing
on those seeking love.

The stars grant wishes
and moonlight protects
from shadows, illusions
and ill-meaning effects.

Trees guard the gates,
keeping in or out?
That is a secret
only they know about.

Fairy they called me
but did not see
my wings are as strong
as the storm is at sea.
My spine is of diamond,
it refuses to bend
and in my daydreams
wars wage and lives end

Inspired by: the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace

Photographer: Nicholas Fols
Model: Silvia Bandera
found on Pinterest

to the garden I return – a poem by j.s.

In the morning I like
To walk outside
bare-foot and
A warm breeze blows
away my hair,
the sweet smell of thyme
hangs in the air.
I taste a chive
while the owls sing
in my neighbour's forest.
I walk further,
the watering can
lighter in my hand
and I kneel down.
Houseleeks everywhere
between moss and stones,
so resilient and loyal
so different yet alike.
Peonies growing up to the sky,
their thorns so small
their heads held high.
I throw sunflower seeds
and imagine them blooming
while I'm away.
I walk back to my balkony
blackberry smudges
on my flowy dress,
and smile knowingly
for I will be back soon.

asking roses – a poem by s.h.

The roses kept growing
across the ceiling
I wonder
Do they remember you
next to me?
Bodies intertwined
moonlight blue
whispering in my ear
"I love you"
I wonder
Do they ponder about
why you're gone?
Or maybe you told them
one cold night
when you decided to leave
me behind
and I'm left asking roses

the sky is on fire – a poem by j.s.

Every morning,
while the sun starts rising
from its red ashes
only to melt into different shades of yellow,
a dark sould wakes up from her dreams.
She rises, too, sitting down by her window
silently, reluctantly to ruin
this moment with noise.
And when she looks outside,
cars are rushing beneath her feet,
her head still ringing from the night before.
The sun begins burning the cold blue sky,
sending radical thoughts to the girl.
She’s rubbing her eyes and thinks:

There's no way but to start again
and set a fire

She leans back, eyes closed
and dares to dream again.

Inspired by: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Header Image: Pinterest

my heart’s demand – a poem by s.h.

I wish I could understand
The ache of my heart's demand
Sending me on a fool's quest
Never allowing a night's rest
Just telling me with urgency
There's something I need to see
To search for, reach for, find
Until I do I'm blind.
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I hope – a poem by j.s.

I hope you find
the kind of happiness
that you once declared
only an illusion
I hope you find
the kind of love
you once thought
grew between us
I hope you find
the kind of passion
you wished for
when we were kids
I hope you find
all those things
and more.
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to the green doors – a poem by j.s.

The house on my steet
its promising future
I want it but far away.
The sound of rushing water
church bells ringing
I want it but not
for quite some time.
Red roses on bridges
and holding hands
I want it but not tonight.
The cold, the silence,
the unwanted shivers
I need it to feel alive.
Your laughter, your smile,
all memories we treasure
I hope you'll be alright.
The city lights, the morning skies,
your humming in the kitchen
I'll think back and smile.
Back to those green doors
I wish myself at night.
- j.s.
Header Image: Pinterest
Painting by Jennifer McChristian

will you remember my name? – a poem by j.s.

The stars on my ceiling
they’re hard to see,
good thing I can pretend
they’re still here for me.
The stars above my head
have lost their shine
good thing I can image
that they’re still mine.

The voices calling me
they’re fading into space
good thing I hated them
in the first place.
The voices return
most of them dead,
in moments of weakness
but I can see ahead.

The dreams of my past
scare me more and more
good thing I still remember
the freedom I longed for.
I try to keep them alive,
I root for them and fight,
can’t reach them in the slightest
but someday I might.

The sound of your words
rings in my ear
good thing I’m falling
the end is near.
Why did you like my smile?
it haunts me so clear
good thing I’m no longer
full of fear.

The memories I treasure
they keep me warm
good thing I didn’t lose them
during the storm.
The memories I treasure
what we can both see
good thing I am certain
that in the future we’ll be.

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